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The legacy of one born to be sexy in everything they try. They are desirable by women of all kinds and they are sure to get laid. Infact they get laid on demand.
Damn I wish I could get laid like a Sarmiento.
by Bazuco March 27, 2008
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Someone who Lies, Cheats, and Drinks. Then Lies about Lying, Cheating, and Drinking.

Pulling A Sarmiento - Lying about your whereabouts, cheating on your boyfriend, and underage drinking.
My parents can't find out so im doing it Sarmiento style.

Lying to your friends before going to a party that you lied about going to, then drinking till you through up on Courtneys floor, then waking up the next morning to deny it all happened when you mom wakes you up for church and your not there.
by Unaminous February 27, 2007
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