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Saranna(s) are beautiful kind-hearted people. They will do anything for their friends to the extreme.

They are intelligent people that are usually kinda awkward.

They are amazing friends and won't stab you in the back.

They can be shy and awkward, but also fun and cheerful.

They are athletic fast human beings that love to maintain their health.
Cathy: Did you see the new girl?

Adriana: Omg yeah. She is such a Saranna. I bet everyone at school is trying to be her friend.

Cathy: I know right! But she is so kind. Even I want to be her friend.
by The Master Mystery November 13, 2016
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A total eejit. Someone who does stupid things all the time. A good friend though, but a dope. Useful to have around the place, guarantees a laugh.
"That girl is a total Saranna."
by Tiger. October 30, 2007
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