A rare female name. Ususally has a warm, loving personality. Likes people, and always has something to say. Talkative, but knows when to be quiet. Very opinionated and shares her opinion when needed, usually to help someone, not to put them down. Likes to shop, and always has the money for it. Very driven and determined. Open to best friends and family, but not everyone. Yet, a great friend.
Sarandon is name for amazing friends who are always there!
by AugustaWilliams February 11, 2010
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(verb): the act of self-righteously condemning a political outcome you helped bring about, with no apology or acknowledgment
Bernie Sanders better not start Sarandoning about Medicare for all after leaving us with Trump last year.
by al-smithee September 12, 2017
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In reference to the original 1985 film Fright Night, where actor Chris Sarandon as Jerry Dandrige woos the character Amy at Club Radio.

THE SARANDON STARE is what you give a chick when your game is top level, and immediate success is the result, meaning a sure no loss scenario that you're getting laid that night. ---it's meant to be facetious of course, not serious.
Victor: "Barely legal... Cougars... GILFs. They all fall to the Sarandon Stare."

Random People: "What?"

Victor: "BEHOLD... *The Sarandon Stare* in action!"

{dances around his target attraction, gazing stupidly into her eyes as she gets juicy lucy and demands they leave the club at once for sex} ***this works mostly at retro 80s clubs or themed parties.
by Mercenary X99 November 18, 2011
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Shes the red headed bitch that gets fucked in all the movies. Also does a lot of charity work with the dick.
Did you see that movie? She got Susan Sarandon'ed
by susansurandon34 January 5, 2012
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The best women ever. Like ever.
Susan Sarandon is very hot, smart, and just great all around. Plus she is in the greatest political party ever Democratic Party
by Racewalkking August 19, 2011
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