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Name means Shooting Star. Someone who can think fast, shines brighter than the rest and is a master at video games especialy first person shooters.
You gotta think like Saqib if you wannna win.
by Wat's a pseudonym? September 26, 2010
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1) lame
2) unarousing, trife, unsightly
ex 1: Seriously, let's not be saqib this weekend. Let's go out and doing something primo.

ex 2: Wow, that girl is real saqib. I cannot believe you got with her.
by Goober Dude May 15, 2008
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The definition for the most stupid chemist in the world. In addition, this guy randomly makes "eeee" sound which means nothing that also a proof of his stupidity.
Saqib, shut up please.
by yerbmaster May 14, 2018
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