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Don't live here unless you're above the age of 30 and plan on having no cultural stimulation. The police don't like children here and harass them regularly. The city does everything it can to prevent transit from going in and out of the city after dark and on weekends so kids without cars have nothing else better to do but sit around and fear the police.

Boring, Fascist, and Conservative.

a.k.a. The People's Republic of Santa Clarita

(Santa Clarita)
You guys wanna smoke a bowl and hang out in Town Center?

Of course, there's nothing else to do in this town.
by Entropic September 12, 2006
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A city in California. South of Fraisure Park and north of the Sanfernando Valley. It is filled with upper middle class families who live in their little cookie cutter boxes. There are 5 main areas of Santa Clarita: Valencia, Saugus, Newhall, Canyon Country, and Stevenson's Ranch. It is a major center for many people in the show biz like Jamie Lynn Spears, Taylor Lautner, Sasha Petirse, and Madison Davenport. It is also filled with annoying teenage girls that have enough money to be well off, but act as though they are rich socialites. It is also the hometown of the Six Flags theme park Magic Mountain, California Institute of the Arts, College of the Canyons, and William S. Hart park. Residential areas vary from suburban neighborhoods to urban city life to rural ranch property.

The Valencia Town center is the local mall that has only a limited ammount of fascinaating store, making it's self rather average. There are two movie theaters, one in the Towncenter, the other in Canyon Country. It is the home of the Canyon Theater Guild, now the Santa Clarita Reigonal Theater. Other entertainment options include two bowling alleys, a Mountasia Fun Center, and a Scooter's Jungle.

All around a good place once you get past the snotty brats,a the wannabe gangsters, and potheads.
Santa Clarita, AWESOME TOWN! Where our gangs, don't even look thretening.
by Guidothespartoyouall December 07, 2010
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Santa Clarita, California.
The inevitable final destination of all mail and packages intended for Santa Clara, California. This is largely due to printing error and stupidity.
On phone to supplier: No, I said Santa Clara, not Santa Clarita... What the f*ck do you mean, I have to PAY for you to resend it?!?
by Lexayy July 10, 2008
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A very boring town north of Los Angeles. People here are fake attention-whores. Most of the teens here are wannabe ravers, and are obsessed with light shows. Lots of kids here do drugs and smoke lots of weed because theres nothing else to do. The only good thing about Santa Clarita is that Six Flags Magic Mountain is located here, and thats really the only fun thing to do here, other than sitting around at the mall doing nothing on a friday night.
KID 1: hey, lets go to a party in Santa Clarita and give lightshows and get high!!
KID 2: Ok, I just got a new glove set.
KID 1: Cool, im so ready to go smoke some weed!!
by YOUALLSUCK!! June 02, 2011
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The most stupid, boring town ever. Full of Punk posers, preppy girls, and "gangsters". EVERYBODY does drugs here and we're all spoiled rich kids.

Santa Clarita sucks balls.
by ESCAPADES January 20, 2011
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Santa Clarita is a town in southern California where no one under 30 works for a living because they can live off of their rich parents and attend COC for 5-10 years on and off. those whose parents are not willing to support them after coming of age proceed to get on food stamps, sell drugs, and live off of sierra highway in canyon country. these people will eventually move to palmdale.
kid1: hey, i have to go sling some weed out in Santa Clarita, wanna come with?
kid2: yea, might as well. haven't beat the shit out of yuppie scum in a minute.
by TruthBeToldForever October 05, 2011
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A ghetto just north of the San Fernando Valley. Its the place you have to drive through to get to where you really want to go. If you're not blown off the freeways during the frequent windy weather, you will make it our alive, as long as you stay on the freeway.

Don't even think about it as a place to live,unless you like the ghetto. The weather is atrocious, besides the wind it is either blazing hot or freezing cold. The only plus is the rain, it looks a little like Venice because all the streets are covered in water, so you can't get anywhere. It actually is a nice area if you are into graffiti art, it seems that quite a few people that live here are; to each his own.

It is a nightmare to drive through, your best bet is to travel on a shopping cart, since there are so many lying around. If you haven't had your bike stolen, you could also ride a bike, on the bike paths that nobody uses except the homeless people that like to hang out in the Westfield Shopping Center.

The people are either high on drugs here or else yelling at you to get off their property. It is an extremely stressful place, nobody has fun, and there is nothing to do, unless you want to join a gang and hang out at Magic Mountain, terrorizing all the customers.
Hey Dude where do you live?

Have you ever heard of Santa Clarita? Did you say Santa Clara or something about the Klan. No I said Santa Clarita.

Once you find it, you go past that wall with all the graffiti, take a left at the house with the shopping carts and old car on the lawn.

I live in the nice house behind the barbed wire fence. Don't worry about scary dogs, they don't bite that hard.
by iamquitesmart April 26, 2012
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