A town of young kids fucking up there lives by smoking weed, skating, surfing and biking, have no trouble finding the dankest weed around, simply ask the nearest crackhead or tweaker you see. With the insane homeless methead problem Santa Cruz has you it will take you no time at all to find the best crack on the west coast...also fuck the tourists
Hey dude let’s go ride downtown and see who can sell us some weed, hell yeah man I love Santa Cruz
by Blonboi_blocks October 16, 2019
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Stoner Heaven, everyone there smokes pot, everyday. its a way of life.
I have a friend who lives in Santa Cruz.. everyone in her family smokes pot, mom dad brother and her, kinda sad i guess. but everyone does it
by KKizzle April 03, 2007
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A kick ass town surrounded by lame ass poser towns like watsonville and scotts valley. Well known for weed, meth, surfing, slutty bitches and Charasmatic motherfuckers such as my self. Killer place to live but totally uninviting towards marks from out of town such as watsonville.
"Hey man lets kick it in Santa Cruz tonight!" Naw man I heard they beat up on gay, raver, pretty boy, poser, uncharismatic watsonville trash such as ourselves...lets go to Eders house in watson and dance in front of a mirror with glow sticks, bump trance music,wax our eyebrows, and fuck each other in the asshole watson style!! "Orale sounds cherry Bro!!"
by Calfdogg August 05, 2006
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The best city in Bolivia. Also known as Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Beautiful landscapes, cheap alcohol, hot weather and the most beautiful women. Full of culture, dance, night life, people from all over the world. Lots of spanish colony history, old spanish churches, art, musicians, etc. The best food in the fucking world. The best fucking place on earth to have fun.
Pariente, ¡Bienvenido a Santa Cruz de la Sierra!
Santa Cruz kicks ass.
¡Viva Santa Cruz, Autonomia carajo!
by Jorge L. Vaca June 25, 2008
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sick as town in california bay area. great beaches and great overall vibe. everyone smokes weed and partys all night. santa cruz is surf city!! the slugs (ucsc students) and tourists are laaaame. Santa cruz high is a good high school where everyone gets baked at lunch.
me: i grew up in santa cruz
person: you mean The santa cruz?

me: yes?
person: i heard santa cruz was the best place in the world
me: you heard right
by caligirl123 October 18, 2010
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A fucked up little town full of world class weed and world class surf. A bustling town full of fucking tourists you want to kill. And a bunch of psycho kids smoking weed and being dumb. A truly lovely town
"Yo let's go get some killer pot dude" "let's go to Santa Cruz then"
by Kmart lover 2002 November 04, 2019
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a pretty town on the coast of california. Beautiful to look at and visit once and awhile, but growing up in this piece of shit town sucks. Many of the locals (mostly white and gay) think theyre hard by joing fag gangs. Like east side and west side. The two sides have drama towards eachother for no apparent reason, most guy locals here think theyre bad ass and are full of shit. please go to oakland or somewhere in the bay area so you can get your ass beat. lots of the girls here are dumb sluts that usually prance around in shorts and nasty ass tube tops at parties. someone needs to beat there asses, and thats basically it.
Santa Cruz Fag in East Oakland: ESSC all day bitch, we hard!! well take east oakland any day!

Group of oakland gangters tackle the santa cruz fag and finally whoop his stupid white ass.
by keepin it real 27 March 22, 2010
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