A fictional character who is a skeleton from the rpg game,Undertale.
His appearance is a skeleton with a short stature who has a wide smile.

He also wears a white t-shirt with a blue hoodie, and black shorts with white stripes and a pair of slippers.
Even though Sans only deals one damage in the game, if you get hit by one of his attacks, it gives you a 'poison' effect.
Sans is one of my favorite Undertale characters!
by London England♥︎ August 1, 2017
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A boss character in Undertale that is skeleton and likes to give you a bad time if you killed everyone. The only way to fight him is to be a major dick and kill everyone. Its the only way to level up as well. Sans is generally a pain to fight and one of the hardest enemies in Undertale.
Hey, who you fighting in undertale?
Oh your a major dickwad for that.
by TexasRed May 24, 2019
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The creator of several memes having to do with the song Megalovania from the game Undertale.
That Sans meme was pretty good and memeish
by Tetris 99 February 21, 2019
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A undertale character who is very hench and can easily kill you. Sans can also give you a BAD time.
Sans hench boi
by A living human? March 16, 2020
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Sans is a fictional character made by toby fox.
He is a skeleton which is used for sexualizing stuff, mostly being sexualized by the mortal cult, also known as... The Undertale fandom.
Verb: Used to express feelings of having a bad time.
Verb: Used to express feelings of having your brother killed.
Verb: Used to fuck up a situation.
Noun: Used to express a funny person, usually unapologetic.
Oh, bro, You sansed that situation up real good.
Dude, I was just sansing.
by Petis Parkus November 7, 2019
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