A pun telling skeleton who can also beat your ass in a fight. Sans is a former human, some even theorize he is a character from Earthbound another popular video game made by nintendo
Sans is in smash yipee
by Mr. Meme Dream Supreme September 27, 2019
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The shortened form and also slang of “Santai” which means “Chill out” that used by some Indonesian millenials.
Nicholas : “Duh bro, dompet gw ketinggalan...gmn nih?
Jeffri : “Sans ae, gw kan tajir mampus
by La Margiela May 10, 2021
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A character from the game Undertale who has oceans of fan girls ruining his character and who tells puns, eats ketchup, and hes the "fan favorite". He has a brother named Papyrus.
Sans told a pun to Papyrus and he got pissed off.
Sans gave Frisk a bad time.
by apersonthatyouwontlike April 18, 2017
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A fat, lazy, skeleton that's full of puns and despair.
My favorite character in undertale is sans. (No its not)
by Basicallyundertale November 24, 2016
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(adj.) describing someone who is uncool. A way to describe someone who does something that is not socially natural or cool enough to hang out with cool people.
"She's vegan and natural but she acts condescending to people who aren't and that's why people don't want to be vegan. She's so sans."
by julqui7 October 1, 2013
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