Sans is one of the skeletons from the very popular indie game UNDERTALE. He is very well known as being the cool, layedback, lazybones of the game. He has a brother Papyrus who calls himself Papyrus The Great. Sans wears a Blue thick jacket with a grey hood outlining. He usually has his hands in his pockets. Also, he has black shorts with a white stripe down the middle and white slippers. He seems pretty cool and friendly until you do a Genocide Run where he tries to kill you in the third corridor, before you meet the king, Asgore.
Sans is a character from Undertale
by absolutesydiot October 5, 2016
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Lé epic sans is a Skelton that makes dad jokes
Why are all the girls going crazy over SANS!?
by Memez4lif3 September 7, 2019
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Sans is a skeleton from the hit RPG: Undertale, and people who play this game like him and his humor, Sans appears as a friendly NPC in neutral and pacifist, but is the heroic antagonist and final boss if you run the genocide route, Sans is known as "the judge" being the one who judges your actions in a place called: the last corridor, and this is the place where the boss fight is.
"I'm sans, sans the skeleton
sans introducing himself
by PAPYRUSTHEBIGMAN January 17, 2023
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A mainstream internet icon. Originally from the hit indie game Undertale and getting a cameo in Deltarune a few years later, Sans is a lazy, pun-loving magical skeleton of unknown origin. He is also fat (how? Don't ask me idk either) and loves ketchup??? Also he grew a reputation of getting a insane amount of fangirls over the years (especially in 2017-2018). If you mess with his brother Papyrus, you will have a bad time.
by Lien Drawing March 16, 2022
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A boss character in Undertale that is skeleton and likes to give you a bad time if you killed everyone. The only way to fight him is to be a major dick and kill everyone. Its the only way to level up as well. Sans is generally a pain to fight and one of the hardest enemies in Undertale.
Hey, who you fighting in undertale?
Oh your a major dickwad for that.
by TexasRed May 24, 2019
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The creator of several memes having to do with the song Megalovania from the game Undertale.
That Sans meme was pretty good and memeish
by Tetris 99 February 21, 2019
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