a person at a grocery store parking lot who does not return their shopping cart like a jerk and needs to call the Cart Narcs' lazybones hotline to get counseling and schedule classes on learning how to be a better shopper and being courteous to their fellow human beings. Lazybones may leave shopping carts in other parking spots (spot blocks), in the handicap walkway areas, tip the front wheels into dirt/gravel (curbing), or in the middle of the sidewalk; all are eligible for redemption if they do return their carts to the cart returns or cart corrals provided by the store.
Agent Sebastian of the Cart Narcs: "Wheep skeep widdly woop woop, sir that's not where the carts go! You're leaving your cart out like a big ol' lazybones!"
by February 20, 2022
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a noun used in informal language that mean a lazy person. the word is often used in friendly way to someone you like.
come on, lazybones ! Get your ass out of bed.
by Joao " JD " Nsingui December 23, 2006
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1. The replacement of regular words in written text with their shortened representations. Also may be combinations of letters and numbers.
-"You are late!" becomes "U R L8!" Lazybonics wurked 4 me!
by 2jetskis September 8, 2010
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(informal) An extremely lazy person. If someone is a lazybones, they will sleep past the morning, always be disorganised, stay up late when they have school or work the next morning, never get their homework done, always make up silly excuses, never cook anything by themselves, and play games too often.
What time did you get up today?
I got up at 10 in the morning.
WTH?! You are the laziest person I've ever known! I get up at 6 in the morning at the latest, lazybones!

See him. He never gets any of his homework done. He's such a lazybones.
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A dissease that makes you lazy
"Hey, can you return that shopping cart please to where it belongs?"

"No, Sorry, I have severe Lazybonesitis"
by MetroNNNN February 20, 2022
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