a teacher who teaches all subjects in a class. Grade teachers usually teach in pre-primary and primary classes.
She has been a grade teacher for years.
by uttam maharjan March 9, 2010
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Same as a normal teacher, just much cooler.
Other teachers must be jeally because they are not an 8th grade teacher.
by 8thgradeteacher November 8, 2019
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An easily offended teacher who treats certain people like absolute trash and attempts to ruin their social lives. He/She will listen to students conversations and will take certain things out of context to get said student into deep trouble. When someone calls her out on her behavior, whether it be in front of the entire class or in private, she will take it as an insult and try to ruin the social life on whatever student criticized her. She attempts to take away rights such as leaving the room to use the bathroom as soon as they walk through the classroom door. Half the things he/she teaches contradicts everything taught in past grades. He/She silences topics that need to be talked about such as suicide, depression, etc. Nobody listens to her, because nobody respects her enough to do so.
Student 1: I can't believe she got me suspended for repeating something my uncle said about her.
Student 2: Yeah, I guess she's just THAT grade seven teacher.
by Anonymous Frustration June 20, 2017
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1.Being washed up and having to sink to the bottom of what you do
2.To be old
3.To be a witch
Student 1: Man I hate Mrs. Taylor.

Student 2: Yeah, what a 7th Grade Science Teacher.
by Pope Obama June 25, 2016
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She is a mean teacher who does not help her students at all. She also gives out homework everyday. Her favorite saying is "LUNCH DETENTION" she will yell at you for standing up to blow ur nose.
I'd rather have Donald Trump teach me then my "7th grade pioneer math teacher"
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