The Spanish guy from the Matt Stone and Trey Parker film, Orgazmo. He only spoke one sentence.
"There are many Toms in this world, and many Jacks, but I...I am Sancho."
by KaceCC January 8, 2006
a filthy mexican/spanish cunt that breaks into your home and eats your food and fucks your wife and kids when your at work.
Watcheley the sancho!(watch out for the sancho)
by eL SaNCHo TaCo November 12, 2010
The term used to describe the player with the lowest score in a round of any contest such as a video game.
Guy 1: "Dude look at how many points he has."
Guy 2: "Ha, only 16. He's the Sancho."
by hahaha1992 July 26, 2009
The man who's banging your girl around the holidays. Or who shows up during the year to give your girl the gift of a good f**king.
Sancho Claus already gave me my christmas present!

"I showed up at my boss's house like Sancho Claus and plowed his wife!"
by The Real Sancho Claus December 9, 2011
February 15th. The day after Valentine's Day. A sancho can't see the girl on Valentine's Day, so he sees her the day after, that's his day with her.
"Her side dude took her to movies for Sancho's Day."
by ElGuarache November 10, 2020
When A Female Is Tired Of Getting Dicked Dwn By Her Husband/Boyfriend She Calls Over Papi Sancho.
My Husband Is Out Of Town Come Over Papi Sancho

by RawDawg HeadHancho October 4, 2017
Another great latin rapper.He's not as good as lil rob but their cool with eacother.
og ganster who likes to were shades long shorts(Dickies) all that California stuff.
by Rene Rodriguez April 15, 2005