in L.A. - and most of So Cal - it means a woman's gay friend
My sancho and I went shopping today. It was fabulous.
by hdragomir April 24, 2009
A hypocrite that is only nice to their friends
Girl one : she’s such a sancho
Girl two : omg it’s so annoying
by Bushkick March 31, 2020
"the other man" in spanish slang... you know.. that guy your girlfriend is cheating on you with...hey, I know this... this is my last name!
"I don't practice santeria
I aint got no crystal ball.
I had a million dollars but i'd,
I'd spend it all.
If i could find that heina and that "sancho" that she's found,
Well i'd pop a cap in "sancho" and i'd slap her down." - Sublime from "Santeria"
by SanchoStyle June 25, 2004
Spanish for the person who comes in your back door when you're at work, drinks your beer, watches your TV, and f's your wife.

Watcheley the sancho!(watch out for the sancho)
by Hunk Bergundy August 21, 2007
I agree with all of the above definitions (which are basically the same), but thought it was interesting to note that instead of saying "salut" when someone sneezes, most of the guys I know say "sancho" instead, which I guess means that if you sneeze that means sancho is at your house with your lady.

or, it i were to sneeze (being a girl):
by katalyst5043 December 3, 2007