A small town in the middle of Texas that probably wouldn't exist if it didn't have Angelo State University or Goodfellow Air-force Base. It is most famous for the home of the latin/rock group, Los Lonely Boys.

Most of San Angelo's citizens socialize at one of three places: Hastings, Sunset Mall, or Graham Central Station.

It is also metaphorically described as a "whirlpool" or "black hole," meaning that people who come to this town find it hard to permanently leave.

Aaron Waston, a Texas country artist, also wrote a song about it.
"Dude, you'll never leave San Angelo... its a big whirlpool."
by jensclayson April 3, 2008
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A dusty small town in west Texas. This town is where dreams go to die. Most notable thing here is Angelo State and Goodfellow AFB. Good luck trying to leave and remember. Don’t drink the tap water
guy 1: hey where you from

guy 2: San Angelo

guy 1: where tf is that bro

guy 2 : 3 hours away from Austin

guy 1 : ohhh...
by cr@zyygirl22 April 10, 2020
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Small town in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere, tx

meth capital
austinite; where are you from. angelonion; san angelo. austinite; is that in cali? angelonion; no, remember the polygamy bust a few years ago? that went down in my town. austinite; ahhhh right on.
by lolleraids July 14, 2010
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verb 1. to shoot one's self in the foot, or 2. to cut off one's nose to spite one's face. 3. to royally fuck up.
The city council members thought they were so smart when they stopped allowing coolers at Blaine's Picnic but they san angeloed... again, because Blaine took his picnic and all that tourist and visitor money to Boerne.
by Old Deadeye May 16, 2008
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while receiving a blowjob, you submerge the head of the woman in a bathtub, causing her to suck for air as you cram your junk down her gasping throat. making her suck on your johnson for air.
I gave my girl a San Angelo Snorkel in the hotel bathroom.
by matrixmayne767687 February 15, 2008
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