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A tiny town in Texas near San Antonio that is of note for literally having no middle class. Everyone either works at the Wendy's or has a 4 million dollar home and is CEO of their own business.

Also of note for having one of the highest antique store to citizen ratios of any town in Northern America.
Person 1: "I'm thinking of buying a home in Boerne."
Person 2: "Do you own anything jewel-encrusted?"
Person 1: "No."
Person 2: "Then Boerne isn't for you. Wendy's isn't hiring."
by Musica42 February 27, 2009
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A small town that’s full of rich hicks and a lot of “daddy’s money” trucks. Everyone vapes in this town cause they can actually afford it. A lot of people are 2 faced bitches in this town.
Guy 1: Hey have u seen that guy in that nice truck?

Guy 2: He must live in boerne
by localho3 May 10, 2018
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A pleasant town where no one ever does drugs or alcohol at any point ever. All citizens of this town are wholesome and fun people.
Person 1: Did you hear about the Boerne football game on Friday?
Person 2: All I heard is that they never used profanity and were respectful of the other team at all times
by A Student of CHS lol August 27, 2019
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A beautiful town in the Texas Hill country where half the population moved there in the last 10 years to a gated community and now complains daily about how people moving there to gated communities have ruined it.
Boerne used to be such a wonderful town when we moved here in 2009. Now all the new people moving here are ruining its charm. I hear the city might even let apartments be built and some minorities move in. So sad.
by OppressedRichFolks September 07, 2019
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