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A small town in the middle of Texas that probably wouldn't exist if it didn't have Angelo State University or Goodfellow Air-force Base. It is most famous for the home of the latin/rock group, Los Lonely Boys.

Most of San Angelo's citizens socialize at one of three places: Hastings, Sunset Mall, or Graham Central Station.

It is also metaphorically described as a "whirlpool" or "black hole," meaning that people who come to this town find it hard to permanently leave.

Aaron Waston, a Texas country artist, also wrote a song about it.
"Dude, you'll never leave San Angelo... its a big whirlpool."
by jensclayson April 02, 2008
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Small town in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere, tx

meth capital
austinite; where are you from. angelonion; san angelo. austinite; is that in cali? angelonion; no, remember the polygamy bust a few years ago? that went down in my town. austinite; ahhhh right on.
by lolleraids July 14, 2010
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