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Saminas usually have dark hair and brown eyes with tan or olive skin. They are nurturing, sweet, talented, beautiful, and loveable persons. They have a smile that could cure cancer, and hearts warmer than fire. She is very intelligent, yet follows her heart more than anything. She is known for being flirtatious, and letting out a sexy side, though usually without meaning to. Samina is often naive, but mature for her age. Many boys fall he's over heels for Samina, yet her insecurities stop her from believing it. She rarely ever finds someone she likes, but when she does, she falls hard. She's the kind of girl you don't want to let go. Saminas are often overlooked by those they care most for, but are loyal no matter what. Saminas are some of the best girls to keep around. They're often referred to as too nice, but do have a sassy side, so don't get in they're bad side too often. They are romantics without a doubt, and enjoy simple things in life. She'd be pleased with the cliché things like a picnic, long walks, or a bouquet of flowers! If you meet a Samina, you better hold on to her tight. She might just be the best person to walk into your life!
I wish I was Samina; everyone likes her! Samina is so pretty, shr has all the guys!
by protagonist August 29, 2015
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An amazing woman that always speaks the truth and knows good people from bad. She deserves the world and no less because she helps her greatest friends through the best and the worst times that they go through.
She may have a tiny ginger for a boyfriend but that's the way it goes! ;)
a: Who were you out with last night?
b: Samina
a: I bet you had an amazing time!
b: Yeh we did the Trickey dance to Run DMC too!
by frangipanne February 18, 2011
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A grocery cashier/college student by day... but by night, the best anime artist in the history of the entire world! She's pretty, too. :-)
mmm... I be lovin' me some Samina...

I hate my job, but whenever I get the privilege of working alongside her, I can't stop smiling! :-)
by Jason L. March 26, 2005
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