The most amazing person you will ever meet. Very sweet, sensitive, smart, sexy, loveable, caring. Has the makings for an amazing boyfriend. Makes you laugh, a good listener, will cry with you.

Strong, big heart, amazing blue eyes.
He is nice but not like Sam
by x3sam December 12, 2011
Sam's a very confused person. Often consumed by their own thoughts too often to have a good time. They should slow down once in a while. Sam is easy to please as they tend to be way too exciteable about things they like but not giving enough time to listen to others things. Sam is loyal without a fault and often tries hard to do good but tends to get muddled and confused when things go wrong. A Sam will tend to have a small number of close friends but friends that he'd jump under a bus for. Sam's are terrible at showing affection but tend to have a large amount of love in their hearts and when a Sam falls in love it's pretty obvious. Sam's don't tend to be adventurous, at all. If they don't want to do something they won't do it. It's usually their way or no way. Don't mistake this for being pig headed though it's usually because Sam's get frightened easily. They have a very high dependancy on others and are very self deprecating which can often ruin moods or make them hard to handle but in return for supporting a Sam you'll gain one of the most loyal friends possible.
Bob: Hey I made a new friend- This is Sam.
by TbhIhateyou August 22, 2017
A extremly Attractive male that usually has the biggest penis in the room. His "junk" usually ranges from 7-9 inches
by holahola2014 May 12, 2010
The most evil and sadistic monster to ever live probably worse than Hitler.Who should be hung and lynched for his sick crimes. An entitled loser who is in love with the smell of his own farts, as well as a manipulative shit who would step on his mother to get his way. His life is clearly miserable and has nothing going on for him. No looks, No intelligence, no class, no manners, no charisma or personality deep down even he knows that of course his ego and pride will never let him admit that. So he feeds off trying to make others be just as miserable as this lowlife is, by bullying them, tormenting them and putting them down to try and bring them down to his level. This person is very insane and dangerous and even has the audacity to project those insecurities onto poor defenceless animals.he thinks this makes him a big man. It dosen’t all it makes him is an animal abusing piece of shit loser and lowlife as he won’t go and pick on someone his own size or bigger. He will always say anything to poke and provoke you, harass to but dosen’t have the balls to say that shit to your face directly as when you finally had enough of his bullshit and threaten to get the authorities involved if he dosen’t stop his crap (as this is cyber bullying and it is a crime) he goes into hiding like the coward he really is.

Stay away from the sams of the world and don’t let them bring you down
I saw a disgusting act of Sam today I hope the police put him away for good

(Sam used as synonym for animal abuser)
by Karmen95 January 8, 2023
Sam is Sam and sam is swag
Sam is mother
by Aepicname69 October 7, 2021
The sex God. The S in Sam stands for SexGod and the S in SexGod stands for Syphilis.
Sam is great in bed
by Simon “Hardboiled” Harvey November 5, 2019
A person who is unathletic and is awful at sports.
Sam is unathletic
by Notava April 30, 2022