A name reserved for the absolute best of the best. A person possessing a rare combination of drop-dead good looks, lighting fast intelligence, hearty senses of humor and charm, and an ability to rep 225 pounds on the bench like it's nobody's business. Other notable qualities include well-defined calves, sick flow, and Jimi Hendrix-like guitar skills. Importantly, persons with the name of Sam also exhibit all of the positive characteristics associated with the names Kevin, Drew, and Seve.
Samuel Adams, Samuel Jackson, Samuel Clark, Samuel Ting (Nobel Prize winner in physics)
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A kid that is often called gay by others cause the stuff he does is usually funnier then the stuff they do.
#1 "Sam is so gay"
#2 "Why what did he do?"
#1 "He is just gay!"
by P3n1s L1ck3r 69 January 20, 2012
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Military term meaning Surface to Air Missile.
We launched SAM's to bring those planes down.
by Virgin Thomas March 16, 2005
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A very nice boy, who is kind and caring towards everyone, although quite shy when it comes to talking to people one to one, or meeting new people. He is very bright, and has the urge to be popular, even though it may be difficult for him to be popular, because of his shy personality.

He can be quite pushy or seen as pressurising especially once in a relationship, although he never purposley tries to be. He is the kind of person who is sensitive, and hates to be broken hearted, and always needs love in his life. But once you get to know him, you will love him.

We love you Sam!
Person 1:

Are you still going out with that Sam boy?

Person 2:
Yes, but i need to be careful not to break his heart.
by anon12345678910 February 15, 2012
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A handsome and amazing person.

He says little things that make you blush.

He makes all the other girls swoon and doesnt notice becuase he is to busy with his girl.

He has an amazing dress sense and never seems to be unhappy.

Always has a smile

Has a duck called liam.

Loves a girl called Beckie
That boy is such a sam

I know he makes my heart beat.

But he is with Beckie *cries*
by LoveHim4Lyf September 02, 2008
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Sam is usually handsome and funny. He can lift your day with his humor! He loves to read and is very bright. He's average and athletic. He has a great smile. He has amazing hair and brown eyes, he is skinny and shortish. He is always happy and is a great friend. If you are friends with him, feel lucky! You have an amazing friend!
Look at that hair, he's a Sam!
by Bridget Poliacio February 07, 2014
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