Sam and Colby are the best YouTubers they are hot funny but they are dirty minded and say dirty stuff that’s what makes them so funny though they started making vines then they did YouTube and they are the best people you’ll ever see
Sam and Colby are awesome YouTubers
by Jazzyg July 21, 2019
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The best ppl ever they are ghost hunters but also are hilarious and have great humor but also keep it real with you and help you through all your hard times so just look them up it will be worth it I PROMISE
Omg sam and Colby posted a new vid I can’t wait!!!
by Pineapple2 April 26, 2020
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Two Ex-Viners that are now Youtubers that have a shared channel and personal channels. They are best friends, both from Kansas. They live with their two friends Jake Webber and Corey Scherer.

Sam and Colby are amazing people who make anyone smile. They helped some of their fans become happier. They are probably the nicest people ever.

Sam and Colby explore haunted and abandoned places. They also won the TCA in 2019.

A lot of fans also ship both Sam and Colby. Their ship name is #solby or #golbrock You can find fanfictions of them on Wattpad. I 999999999999999999999999% recommend watching them.
Nina- Hey do you know who Sam and Colby are?
Alexa- Yeah I do! They are the best YouTubers ever!
Nina- I know right! They are the best YouTubers ever!
Alexa- I know! Hey, do you ship #solby?
Nina- YES! Do you?
Alexa- Omg yes! What about #brolby?
NIna- Ew no! I hate #brolby
Alexa- I know me too. Brennen and Colby wouldn't be a good couple
Nina- Definitely not. I think everyone should watch Sam and Colby
Alexa- Yeah they should
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by samandcolbyyyyy May 25, 2020
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A way to give anal without actually saying Anal
Hey maybe I'll even get to give you Sam and Colby tonight ;)
by HoseokHixtape July 14, 2018
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Sam and Colby are people who grew up in Kansas and started their career off of the dead app Vine. They both have their seperate youtube channel and a duo channel where they go exploring, ghost investigating, treasure hunting,etc.
Me: Yo have you watched Sam and Colby?
Someone: Yeah their contents amazing!
by sam.colby.xplr November 15, 2020
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sam and colby are youtubers that do haunted and exploring videos.
stranger: whos samandcolby?

you: the best people ever.
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by gothlys January 20, 2021
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