Big kid with a huge cock. Usually from about 10-13 inches and is very good when it comes to sex. He usually knows just how to help you out with any problem and is very intelligent. He is usually the person to pick you up when you are down and then most likely help you through your problems.
Woah , Salvatore ust fucked the shit out of me!
by That kid with a huge cock Sal December 3, 2016
A powerful and handsom Italian man most likely from South Philadelphia with a huge Penis that his girlfriend nick named Goliath. Salvatore is very gifted in the art of music, and has plenty of hot women chasing after him all of the time.
Salvatore from Philly
by Flash o' Mighty February 4, 2010
Sal is a person that is extremely quirky and just different from everyone else in the entire world. He is built different he is not white he is Italian. He is a kid that sits in the back of the classroom because he's just so cool and different from everyone else. Nobody understands him. Everybody wishes they were like Sal but nobody can be as hot beautiful and amazing at him. He's a Tiktok icon, can throw it back, and dance to hot girl meg. Everyone wishes their ass was as PHAT as sals.
Person 1: Omg did u see Salvatore today, his booty jiggled.
Person 2: Omg yes I wish I was him.
by ORPHAN_OBLITERATOR December 11, 2020
That chick is such a Salvatore. She has more O's in her bank account than a box of Cherrios!
by crispyplymouthchicken February 24, 2016
A cocky, big headed Itallian, who believes he is god's gift to woman. Salvatore believes he is a able to pull any woman, even though he has minimal confidence. He also mentions he is the most good looking person however he is only average. Salvatore is one of the nicest guys you will talk to, however his big headed personality may get annoying. He also refers to his penis as "the python" however it only reaches 4 inches when erect.
"Salvatore is a great guy however, god is he annoying"
"Yeah and his penis is tiny!"
by tk9415lol September 24, 2014
A sexy sociopathic man in a leather jacket, who loves bourbon and can make pancakes.
I was at the bar yesterday and I saw a crazy hot guy but he was totally a Damon Salvatore.
by lovleyorange November 8, 2014