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An ex-patriot European (usually British) now living overseas but maintaining dual citizenship. Unable to commit and with one foot on each continent his dick is left dangling in the sea.
John got his Canadian passport this week, but he's not giving up his British one - when will the Salty Dick make a commitment.

"The National Health Service is so much better than US Medicare" - "Aw shut up, why don'tcha. You Salty Dicks are always whingeing about something"

by QuidamUD April 22, 2009
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The act of masturbating with salty hand lube when one gets clammy or sweaty hands. Once hands are sloppy, most and warm its best to perform a salty dick.
Guy 1: "My hands are extremely sweaty"
Guy 2: "Slip n' Slide them on your dick bro, do the salty dick"
by RaiseOner May 16, 2014
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