A performance art where the follower ( typically a woman ) voluntarily allows the leader ( typically a man ) to respectfully do whatever he wants to her body using choreographed ( and sometimes improvised ) combinations like inside turns and hammerlocks. When the song ends they typically thank each other and move on to new partners. Contrary to popular belief a salsa club is not a meat market like a regular club. It typically consists of 70%+ regulars who treat the customers like family. Hookups happen but are rare since predominately Hispanic clientele tends to be more on a conservative side, the feminist openly down to hookup hangs at a dive bar not a salsa club. Salseras typically hold out for a boyfriend or a husband.
I can't I'm sober now, what do sober people even do on a Friday night?
They go salsa dancing duh
by Mustardeer October 15, 2018
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A dance that involves serious hip flexibility if you wish for it to become a passion/dream. This will probably be simple if you have genes from countries like South America, Cuba, spain etc. then this will probably be a walk in the park
Damn! I have to go to my salsa dancing lesson! Madam is going to kill me if I haven’t nailed that turn!
by ashheeeeegoldfish January 11, 2022
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A sexual act, prevalent among homosexual males, in which two people violently engage in anal sex. The catcher then defecates on the chest of the pitcher, expelling a mix of blood and feces. The two may then roll around on eachother, "salsa dancing" together.
Those guys were Salsa Dancing all night, now the one can't walk right.
by Dr. Cornelius Klaus October 3, 2006
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