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A moment of flaky and silly behavior that leads to disastrous results. Typically behavior thought to be associated with blondes, but in the case of Sallied, more likely to be an Asian girl.
The cable man took one look at the cut cable cords and stated that it must have been Sallied.
by Peony907 August 19, 2012
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To take down anyone and anything possible with the ability to make sure that none of the blame could possibly stick.

To bring anyone down by making them feel bad by using things that happen months ago that had nothing to do with the situation.
Man, you just Sallie'd the network!!! No one can connect after you changed the default gateway..."No I didn't, it was all Bud's fault, he should have let me break it months ago before he left, it's his fault".
by CHASWIL August 31, 2010
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