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An inhabitant, or someone born in, the City of Salford. Not to be confused with a manc, an inhabitant, or someone born in, the neighboring (but separate) city of Manchester. Salfordian is derived from the ancient Atlantisian word Salfordisians, meaning 'those who are Gods'.
Salfordians are wonderful.
by Ranger November 19, 2003
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A bad boy/girl from the baddest place in MANCHESTER. PLUS Salford is in Greater Manchester so technically Salfordians are Mancs, plus the whole Madchester music craze started off in Little Hulton, Salford so without us Manchester would be nowhere. Salford is also a conurbation of Manchester as well. MANCS AND SALFORDIANS RULE
by SALFORDIAN December 03, 2003
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A Salfordian is a human-based life form found in and around Salford. Claiming the place of their birth to be a city in it's own right, Salfordians like to disassociate themselves from the City of Manchester, from which they once descended. In fact many Salfordians like to disassociate themselves from any place other than Salford.
Although Salford claims to have succesfully fought for independance from the rest of Manchester, it is more commonly accepted that the rest of Manchester fought for independance from Salford. However, this view appears to be unknown to most Salfordians.
This succesful claim of independencae by the City of Manchester in 2005, is due mainly to Salfords gargantuan crime and drug problems. Salford Precinct it the favoured hang-out for most Salfordians, choosing to by-pass the far superior Trafford Center. This communal area brings the closed community of Salford together with a vibrant art scene, consisting mainly of random letters derieved, at some point, from words in the english language and 'tags' air brused onto every visible wall. Many Salfordians fall into either a Chav, Scally or a Druggy.
Person A: "So you're a Mancunian?"
Person B: "Naahhh, i'm a Salfordian int ayeee!!"
Person A: "Bye"
by cam_ho June 17, 2006
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A native of the Lancastrian City of Salford, situated in North West England; A geographical neighbour of the Mancunian (native of the City of Manchester, situated to the east of Salford), and also in close proximity to the "Yonners" of Wigan and Bolton.
In terms of dialect, the Salfordian speaks a tongue sounding somewhere between a north Mancunian (the blunt delivery), a Scouser (the elongated lisp sound), and a native of Leicester (the flat "Ohr" sound at the end of words, instead of an "er" sound).
Culturally, they are proudly seperate of Manchester, and are often given to a clannish "us and them" mentality, with regard to their Mancunian neighbours; In this respect, it could be viewed that they suffer from a collective form of inferiority complex (rather akin to their fellow Lancastrians - the Scousers of Liverpool).
Salford has long had an appetite for Rugby League (unlike Manchester), and the city has it's own club: Salford City Reds, who are pants. It's for this reason Salfordians like to latch-on and attach themselves to the far superior sporting phenomenon that is Manchester United FC, situated outside their beloved city border. The painter LS. Lowry was in fact a Mancunian by birth, and was born in Rusholme, south Manchester - not Salford. Anthony H. Wilson, on the other hand, despite his fawning appreciation of ALL things Mancunian, was born a Salfordian.

In summary: The Salfordian is a sorry figure who lives in the shadow of a much more successful, cosmopolitan, and modern, European cultural hotbed, namely: Manchester; Is prone to a siege mentality, an arrogance born of a distorted self image, strongly criminal and anti-social tendencies, a cliquey inward looking ghetto mindset, a lack of taste in clothing, a ridiculously perverse sense of 'street cred' born of miserliness (they'll miss a bargain, cos: "That's a rip off. Only a mug would pay that.... My mate can get 'em cheaper, etc).
Unless you're one of their own: The Salfordian can NEVER be trusted under any circumstances. They are far more dodgy than Scousers!
Try getting a taxi to take you to Langworthy or Weaste after 10.00pm at chance, the pre-pubescent Salfordian urchins will torch it!
by Mr P. August 19, 2006
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