Rusholme is a fairly small, deprived, inner-city area in the south of Manchester. Inhabited by some very violent gangs, it is located in-between Moss Side and Longsight. Although the area is home to many students and the famous Curry Mile, the backstreets are still found very touch and challenging. The area consists of a multicultural population with most residents coming from countries like Jamaica, Nigeria, Somalia, Libya, Pakistan and India.
Why can't the gangs of Rusholme and Moss Side settle?
by DefinitionFinder December 28, 2014
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An off-shoot gang to Gooch Close Original Gangsters (GCOG/Gooch Gang). Its based in the south Manchester area of Rusholme.
Kevin: "Yo blud, you backin' to hit up the other side?"
Devonte: "Nah blud, lowe them Rusholme Crips, them man aint onit"
by DefinitionFinder December 28, 2014
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