Salad Fingers is the main character of a weird cartoon series on YouTube called Salad Fingers. Many have benefited from his wise words such as -"I like rusty spoons, I like to touch them. The feeling of rust against my Salad fingers is almost ORGASMIC".

People may also be referred to as 'Salad Fingers' if they get an orgasm from stroking rusty spoons.
Person 1:"oh my god, there’s a person getting an orgasm from stroking a rusty spoon in there."

Person 2"Yeah she’s my Salad Fingers Girlfriend.
Person 1: "Whoaa!!! She is HOT - I want a Salad finger girlfriend!!"
by urbanrustyspoonlover May 28, 2011
Salad Fingers is what seems to be an ill
minded individual who is Psychotic and skitso frenic. He has a mind of a young boy or girl, careless about death, he often shows signs of femanin and childish characteristics, he must be a man or woman, hes vocab is too high to be of a child. perhaps a victim of "a great war" exposed to radiation from nuclear arms causing him to become mentally ill.All his friends left him or died, hes puppets could have been his diseased fomore friends ,more than anything he is a victim of solitary confindment.
Salad Fingers events

"The Great War"
" Wedding Day"
" Some Where Over the Rainbow"
by Realmz December 20, 2008
He looks a bit like Bogman, who a teacher from Ardscoil Rís.
"you lookin at me boy? schnell!"
Hey did you see that bitch tits' salad fingers. It looks like his dad was E.T.
by mrpoohbear January 19, 2011
Possibly the most disturbing "person"/cartoon i have ever watched, but at the same time, really cool. He lives in a post apocalyptic type world with a tim burton feel to it. he is mentally insane and probably is a schizophrenic. he enjoys rubbing himself with nettles, making himself bleed, and rusty objects, like rusty spoons, a rusty kettle, and the rusty bars of a cage. his only "friends" are his finger puppets and the hairs he finds in the hairs he finds in a panic room or somthing. the only living things he has ever met are a boy who has rusty spoons in his house, a girl who is the only other person to talk instead of scream, a boy that climbs into salad finger's oven to get a fish but the oven closes and kills the kid, a guy who tries to get into salad finger's house by banging his head against the door but kills himself, and a "boy" with stitches and an indent in his head who kidnaps salad fingers. he had a brother kenneth who probably died in the great war, but saladfingers finds half of a corpse when he is digging and thinks it is kenneth. he also finds a toy horse which he pretends to ride on. in his house there is a radio that he listens to a night so he can listen to the great war. for some reason it talks and asks salad fingers to give back the hairs he found.
salad fingers: "hubert cumberdale, fancy seeing you here."
(hubert cumberdale makes that loud shrieking sound and walks away).
by Just Shut Up February 5, 2009
the creepiest cartoon series i have ever watched. it will haunt my dreams. the series has recently re-emerged, with part 9. it is the scariest of them all.
i love Salad Fingers' classic british vocabulary. it's genius.
by Chowderz May 31, 2011
Salad fingers is a flash cartoon that uses the facade of random hysteria (rusty spoons, ridiculuos combinations eg. salad and fingers) to communicate a more serious, tragedic perspective of the world. This could almost be compared to naive art, in that it is seemingly spontaneous, a work deliberately imitating childish art, but in so doing accessing the darkest recesses of human consciousness. Not only does salad fingers touch rusty things, his mono-mania and schizophrenic behaviour hints at abuse and isolation. Salad fingers is not simply strange, laughable - in its repulsiveness it higlights aspects of the human condition that are glossed over in everyday life, or ignored in the mentally ill and the suffering. It is for this reason that salad fingers may be described as sad, as well as strange.
He dreams of rusty taps.
He talks to a broken telephone.
He is often reduced to being utterly terrified by a few choice words. ("I think he likes spoons too.")
by Grey Sea June 2, 2005