Well known Atlantan-Jamerican international patriot whose current location is unknown. In the past year was claimed to have been spotted in Atlanta, Spain, and Panama.
I swear that guy is just like Saji!
by brasssss October 5, 2007
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Saji is someone who likes to talk selectively and prefer texting over calls. If he determine to do something, he does it with all effort and passion. He is so charming and this makes people confuse, if he is flirting with them. He like to read and write and love getting exciting gifts and moments. He is a great cook, pet lover and a progressive thinker. He is so secretive at times and this makes his dear ones, crazy often. Saji brings happiness and trauma equally to people he adore. He is a deep thinker; but this gives him dark circles as he lack sleep. He always remains in perfect shape and he loves it. His reluctance to socialize is at times perceived as ego. But in reality, it's sheer lack of confidence. He is a fashionista and up-to-date in technology and information. Professions like modelling, acting, anchoring, radio jockey, film maker, writer, dancer, hacker, mentalist, announcer, pilot, scuba diver etc suits him. He dislike being controlled and he loves freedom but at the same time, he need a home and heart to go back and relax. He is selfish but caring.
Saji is one of a kind and he brings light to your life. Leaving Saji is hard
by Mr.intro_vert November 23, 2021
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someone who enjoys exotic places, music and women...
spain again? man you are too saji sometimes
by sisenor October 17, 2007
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Someone who has been deported from every countrie in the world and lives underwater as an aqua gypsy because he can't go anywhere else
That bloke over there is a Tom saji
by Irish Gyppo November 1, 2018
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A criminal mastermind of the Indian ethnicity. He is also well known for having a severe case of autism.
Noel Saji stole my shoes.
Noel Saji stole my welfare.
Noel Saji stole my chromosomes.
by Greasy_Jay December 8, 2016
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Sajie wajie hajie hog is a retired greyhound and is adopted into my family and it the most adorable and gentle thing ever we like to call her sajie wajie hajie hog bit her real name is sage some nicknames we like to call her are sajie wajie hajie hog, sagie, sagie wagie Agie paigie and bu bu ❤️❤️ and is VERY camera shy
by Squatling7 July 13, 2019
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