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He or She has a big heart and sometimes they are to clingly, but they can't help it. They need your attention, they can't resist theirs mates attention they need it. And if you leave them, it will be hard for them to make new relationships with other people. Deep down inside they still care about each and everyone or their ex friend, boyfriend, girlfriend. They just don't show it. Now they get to scared to make new friends cause they think they are gonna leave them to.
Why you such a Saje??
by Unk0wen June 10, 2017
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One who is very wise, has manners and is good looking. A.K.A
ladies man.
( That guy was so Saje)
by GetSome* October 23, 2011
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To punch someone in the asshole. "Saje" (Pronounced "Sawsheh") comes from the word "massage". "Special" treatment at the massage parlour.
"As soon as Billy bends over, I am going to "saje" him!"
by Kyle(Coda) November 28, 2006
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