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Sairah is the name of a goddess from the Faerie tradition known for her ability to melt weapons and defenses with her fearless love and boundless ability to care in the face of adversity. She is described as "the one who comes to free the world from bondage. She who wakes up hearts and shakes the world out of apathy and callousness with beauty, humor, intelligence and inspiration. She who is relentlessly commitment to the universal Most High for all beings."

She takes the form of a healer, a lover, an entertainer depending on what is needed to draw those around her toward their own inner light which connects all beings to one another. This "inner light" philosophy is revealed through her vast collection of poetic writings. The poems simultaneously embody and describe a way of creatively moving through this world splashing in love, playfulness and the deepest human feelings on the way.

Though she can appear large and stunningly powerful and can carry people along with her, she can also appear very small and almost vulnerable, to call out the caring parts of others.
His pride and fears made a wall around his heart that made him unable to truly relate and experience the love that was available to him; Sairah showed him another way.

Sairah flips and dances across the land celebrating and glorifying human potential.
by lightbutton February 07, 2010
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One of a kind, someone who is exceptionally unique.
A girl who is beautiful, smart, funny and artistic.
I want to bang Sairah
by mckph March 20, 2010
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well, sairah malawista. who has yarn for hair.

very hawt, that one.
by maddymaddymaddymaddaaaay December 06, 2004
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