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Saima is a funny girl. She tends to be committed to herself. Saima has an amazing personality, she cares about close ones more than she cares about herself. Family means everything to saimas, saima is a beautiful girl, her eyes her facial structure is just beautiful, saima has a nice big ass, God bless you if you get a saima
Wow did you see saima at the gym today? Such a fine ass
by MrsRightOkOk May 21, 2016
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Mean's fasting.

Also mean's (& I'm making this up!) brilliant, beautiful, wonderful and anything else that could describe 'saima'
saima saima saima saima saima saima

Is this enough?
Or do you want some more? (:
by -x-YuDntNeedTuhKnow-x- January 14, 2010
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It is an arabic word, mainly used for females. It is drieved from Arabic word "Saim" which means some one who is fasting. Fasting is an Islamic religious event in which every muslim forbids eating and drinking from dawn to dusk during the month of Ramadan.
by Moizuddin Khawaja April 16, 2008
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A saima is an Arabic word for goddess.

A saima is usually the person doing squats in the gym. Saima is known for the best looking lower body. Saimas' are very soft spoken and polite. Saimas' usually worry about what other people think. If you run into a saima, she is a keeper so hold on to her.
I just pulled a saima at the gym today.
by September 10, 2013
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