One of those nephews who are the same age as you and only calls you uncle/aunty when your dad is around.
Saif: Hey
*notices Jeff's dad is here*
Saif: I mean Uncle Jeff
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A really cool guy who manages to make the weirdest of friends but its ok. Also he cud kick ur ass rly good and he has a really cool taste in music. Saif is basically a nerdy zesser ladies so watchout, he will help u with the I.T. homework and program you too while he's at it ;) XD
Boy 1 "Aye bai dah boi rel dread dawg"
Boy 2 "Well de man issa Saif inno."
by Gxxtxr April 18, 2019
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An engineer that likes to hug fridges and possibly other appliances. Is found with an Anuj on occasions.
by KRUPA (pancakes) January 12, 2005
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Saif is an understanding caring and funny guy usually he likes to tease people but in a flirty way. A saif would rather hangout with friends than random people.a saif is always determined to do whats on his mind and he gets all the girls
Person1: hey did you see that guy he looks cute
Person2: oh thats saif he really nice
Person1 i wish i can be like saif
by Shdhdbcnf October 27, 2019
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Truly unique individual. Painfully aware of his intelligence and interpersonal skills. Smile so genuine you can see it in his eyes. Not afraid to admit when wrong, constantly learning and growing. Ridiculously fine. Overall amazing person to be around.
Talked with Saif today and of course it changed my life.
by Socksearcher January 23, 2021
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