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Sagel is one of the best friends that a person could ever have. She is kind, quiet, intelligent, has good style, and loyal. A Sagel can breeze through school with all A’s and not even sweat it. A Sagel will always have your back no matter what. She doesn’t care for being popular, as long as she has a few close friends. She is very sensitive and can be easily hurt. She knows who the fake friends are and who the real ones are. A Sagel would think that there are no boys that like her, but they all secretly do. She will have days that she seems really sad, but don’t be fooled, she will get over it the next day. Even though a Sagel leans towards girls similar to her for a friend, she is usually the one left out of things and that can really hurt her. Known for her unique beauty and kind heart, she will stay with you through all the ups and downs.
Sagel is the best friend that I have ever had.
by Stylish girl April 29, 2019
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Adj. : referring to having makeup so flawless that everyone else in the room looks like they are still going to Claire's for Beauty products
"Damn that girl's contour is so Sagel"
by theRealOG516 November 01, 2016
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Sagel is a very nice person who will basically stand by your side forever. If you meet a guy named Sagel you should definitely become friends with him! Sagel has a sense of humour and will laugh at all your jokes (even if they're not that funny) Sagel is a very loyal person and will help out with anything you need, they can also be very cute. Sagel's are athletic and outgoing, they love to play sports.
by Dontdomemes May 15, 2017
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