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extension of safe, used by hardcore welsh gangster rappers the GLC. meaning that is 'cool as hell', 'really rather fabulous' or can be used as a farewell.
Punk1: hey bro, im shootin off to the megabowl down stretham to get my balls polished
punk2: safe as fuck bro, laters.
Punk1: safe as fuck
by Bizzy frezzay November 21, 2005
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Perverted from the British slang safe, which meant everything from cool to "hello", depending upon context, "safe as fuck" is used to refer to being high, low, or stoned in any context, whether intentionally or not. There is an aspect of the term that is connected to just how out-of-touch the person using the term is; generally, if someone is high enough to use the term, they are only safe in their own minds and should not drive, operate machinery, etc.
Person 1: "Mate, are you fuckin' high?"
Person 2: "Safe as fuck, man, safe as FUCK."
by BaddestMFintheValley March 06, 2011
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Used by the ever growing Chav culture in England to describe an object, event or doing of something to be realy great. Often spelt Safe as, or Safe as fuk.
Alternatives are:

Off the box
Ya m8 dats safe as fuck!
Leah bond aint safe as fuk mush!
by Cribbo December 11, 2005
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