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Means Happy in Arabic, can be mysterious and has Crazy moods.. a passionate lover, never expect him to be a Wild person but he is.. he DJs Mc's, professional at work and very creative in many ways like creating Music.
Dan: I feel very Saeed Today
by Relatives February 09, 2010
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Dude he totally pulled a Saeed when we watched the game at his house...he had a fridge full of beer and never offered us any.
by j-james February 12, 2010
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balding stressed out short fat black white black drug dealer
us: hey saeed, how you doing?
saeed: i'm bald
us: aren't you forgetting somehting?
saeed: like what. i'm failing, i'm old, i can't get it up?
us: no...
saeed: hmm, maybe the fact that i'm full of shit and am a compulsive wanker?
us: hmm. no
Saeed: i'm short was-fat wannabe nigger?
Us: no... you're a fag
saeed: oh yeah i forgot
by the skoda crew April 22, 2006
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A very sincere and chill persian guy. Saeed is very trustworthy, has a great sense of humour, and is very smart. He may be quiet at first but will open up if you give him the chance. He is great friend friend to have Everyone wants a little Saeed in their life.
Mana- "I wish i had an honest friend, someone ican chill with and not worry about being judged or backstabbed." Sara- "You need a Saeed in your life." Saeed is the best friend anyone can ask for.
by S-sara January 28, 2018
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