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Sadmin, a social media group admin who is generally sad and cant deal with things not going their way, deletes comments, threads and posts that hurt their little feels
Keith is such a SADMIN, deleting comments and posts.
by Jackedondew June 14, 2017
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The administration team from the Hills District Dads Facebook page. Admin, but sad. Mostly dad's who are emasculated by their wives and crave power they don't have in real life. Sadmin are usually short, and hunt in groups.
Who deleted the post we were all enjoying? Bet it was a Sadmin.

Which one of these is liked? Hitler, AIDS or a Sadmin? Answer: None.
by Denver Bronco 78 February 26, 2017
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An admin with chronic depression that ends it all with a shotgun ass blast.
John"What happened to the it support guy?2
Derek"Oh he went all sadmin up in dis bitch."
by slaverywithacat October 20, 2015
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