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Someone who does something really pathetic or mean spirited to a friend, reflecting badly on them
eg of being a sad cunt

Having a long, hurtful rant about someone you know to degrade them, over the internet, on a social networking sites so everyone can see what you wrote, just because they did something you didn't like.

Telling someone not to try and go out with a girl cause you like her and the other guy's ruining your chances

Photoshopping pics of your friends

not stopping at a pedestrian crossing for 2 seconds

yelling at someone over the phone
by digger33333 September 05, 2009
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A: Man, life sucks, I hate school, work, and all the idiots around me, I want to kill myself.
B: Dude, stop being such a sad cunt.
by sthj September 04, 2016
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Generally sits on the internet role playing. Often uses words like 'noob' or 'I pown'. Likes to build video game maps and loves a good internet conspiracy. More than often call themselves Remix. Can't get there point over at all in real life. A total geek leech.
Dixoft:- Right, tonight I'm going to be someone else on the internet.

Neutral person:- LoL! Hey, that's great.

Dixoft:- Damn straight you noob, then I'm going to dream on myspace n stuff.

Neutral Person:- You sure know how to live it up. Crikey.

Dixoft:- Just hang on noob, I ain't finished yet. I'm gonna argue with someone on a forum after that and get my point across.

Neutral Person:- Lorks, and this accomplishes you what? LoL?

Dixoft:- Don't argue with me, I am king of the internet jungle me.

Neutral Person:- Hey that's great you sad cunt. Gotta go and live real life mate, see you around no doubt.
by oooheesscaryonthenethim September 23, 2010
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