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1. when a situation is so sad and unhappy, it represents a sad semi-flaccid erection.
2. the act of having a sad, semi-flaccid erection
Example One:

Bro1: -texts bro2- Wanna go get some chinese?
Bro2: -responds- Can't, gotta work til midnight.
Bro1: Sad boner

Example Two:

Girlfriend: I don't think you should come stay over tonight, It's that time of the month
-Boyfriend, having an actual sad boner, responds "Sad boner"-
by Dr. Sawarms August 01, 2013
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Most likley a male virgin who masterbates voilentley, angerly, aggersevly, rappidly, until monster orgasim forcing the penis to look sad and depperesed.
!. dude whats wrong with you

i went home and had a few sad boners yesterday

2. thanks for blowing me off im just going to have a good old fasioned sad boner today
by arabianpimp27 August 29, 2009
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