1)one who parties like its their job
2)one who looks like a malibu barbie doll for half the year
3)another word for sexual intercourse
4)the art of not giving a shit about anything or anyone
5) an extremely hyper person
6) all Sabrinas are brunnettes-fact
Omigosh shes so hyper, what a typical Sabrina!
by sparklypencils09494 January 19, 2009
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An amazing girl that will make you feel like you've known her your entire life. Her witty attitude makes you laugh, but her sarcasm punches you in the face. Her OCD about everything may annoy you, but you'll still love her anyway. She has big titties and her ass stares at you every time she walks by. She can act like a total slut that sleeps with everyone, though in reality she is a classy chick who is probably still a virgin. However because she's so good at acting like a whore, countless rumors are spread about her, which she hates hearing. Sabrinas may take credit for your work, but they'll make it up to you by doing all of it the next time. No matter how hard you may try, you won't be able to let go of a Sabrina because she's fun and she'll always be there.
Ugh, I hate her right now, but after all she's a Sabrina.
by sadlol March 05, 2013
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sabrina is a loving & caring girl.
you can find sabrina around sal who she loves soo much

Girl:" Wow that girl sabrina is always with sal"
Boy:" Yea they love eachother so much"
Girl: Im jealous of their relationship so im gonna break them up
by whatssssgoooood =) March 17, 2009
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She is the Alpha Queen Supreme. Her Fergalicious body can't be stopped. She's so glamorous and beautiful, that everyone is jealous of her and her queen-like abilities. Her baby blues glisten and light up the room. And she ain't no Holla Back Girl. Her voice is a mix between Beyoncé and Jesus. She practically is Beyoncé and Jesus combined! Her "Louis Tomlinson-like" booty is so ghetto that they could make a television show about it and it would be more popular than "Keeping Up With The Kardashian's". Just watching her walk down the hallway is like God descending down to Earth. She is such a goddess and is so independent. She is so obviously the Queen of all and everything. She is the Alpha and The Supreme (In One Person)! There is no one like her. Sabrina is love... Sabrina is life.
"Wow... Sabrina is Jesus!"
"I...can't...breathe... Sabrina took my breath away!"
"Holy smokes! Here comes Ms. Ghetto Booty herself, Sabrina!"
"I wish I could be as Queen-like as Sabrina!"
"Is she famous?!?" "No...but she should be!"
"Sabrina's booty tho!"
"Sabrina is such a hipster!"
"I love you Sabrina!!"
"Sabrina and Beyoncé are like the same person!"
by BootyShinesBrightLikeADiamond December 19, 2014
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An Asian teenager who exemplifies superb intelligence, compassion, and social aptitude.

A cute Asian girl who maintains relationships with friends, despite long distances.
You are such a Sabrina! You're so awesome!
Wow, despite everything, you're still Sabrina Wong to me!
Sabrina, will you go to prom with me?
by Greg Wing February 08, 2010
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How do we live without such an amazing, gentle type of person, are we to be alone?
Or are we destined to find such a caring and compassionate being?
Rowdy is her middle name and she's maybe too much a flirt for some,
Sabrina is always on the hunt for her next target
Even if they are already taken! But not to worry, she's never keen for too long!
Love is always on the agenda with S and loves K-atching hearts wherever they go.
So always make unbiased eventful lousy jokes when she's around cuz she loves them all!
Oh no, careful of your boyfriend Catherine, here comes a sabrina!
by dino0313 April 12, 2014
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1. Most sabrina's derive from foxy, skinny girls who have tight pussies
2. vaginal lips
3. all sabrinas are brunettes: fact
4. when the sun kisses your face around the nose area: freckles

1. I had a one night stand with this chick named sabrina i picked up a a stripper bar. She was amazing
2. I peneterate Alex's sabrina and skeet skeet mofo all over her face
3. Sabrina had brown hair
4 I got a sabrina when i went to the beach
by Ron69 April 28, 2008
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