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SABIR is an arabic word that means 'patience'.

In more general terms it is one of the most important actions of the heart mentioned by God in the Qur’an.

To seek patience (sabir) in prayer
by ozzzzzzzzz April 23, 2007
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صابر Sabir means patient
Sabir is an amazing person who can treat a girl very right. He will try his best to make a girl smile no matter what. He will never give up on her, he's the type of person to make sure his girl is happy before himself. I wish I had a Sabir in my life!
by LisabethGonzalez November 23, 2013
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When your dick is so unhard to the point where is flopping like a fish out of water but you put it in anyways
Musa was very excited to have sex with his boyfriend for the first time but he wasnt able to get a boner so he had to sabir it in
by Fida Hussein jeraj May 28, 2018
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When a penis is unable to get hard but the man has sex with it anyways
whatever man... just sabir it!
by Ahmed Habib May 29, 2018
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