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Aka, "Save Your Selves Black Man". A group of successful, accomplished, and determined black men that seek to overcome and withdraw from the destain and disrespect subconsciously directed towards them both personally and publicly from black women of their own culture.

The dysfunctional hostility and refusal of genuine black men leadership and problem solving in preference of black women do as I say or else dictatorship and self interest, is also refered to as the black women's "Gynecocracy" (with programming orgins as far back as slavery to present). SYSBMs hold black women accountable for all their actions and offenses they levy against black men, and do not excuse their actions as society and mass media does to perpetuate, and continue the dysfunction and non loyalty.

After several attempts by black men to help resolve the matter, SYSBMs realizes the effort is futile and the continual programming of black women cannot be overcomed at present. SYSBMs acknowledges the hostility and contempt of black women will only be resolved and corrected by blacks women speaking up amongst themselves and until corrected SYSBMs seek to advance themselves, and protect and save themselves from any further damage black women may cause or likely be complicit in that will be used against them.
After seeing my friend's wife of ten years call the police on him and lie saying he hit her so he loses his job and goes to jail, then file for divorce, take him to state court, recieve alimony, child support, full custody of the kids, takes his pension, retirement, house, and savings, then she went on section 8, recieved food stamps, welfare and other states benefits,... and then seeing her publicity play victim explaining to her boss, family and friends he was awful... and then seeing her posting lies about him on social media, public speaking about him negatively at events to move up the corporate ladder, going on TV and program media shows dissin him, saying that he was no good and did nothing for her or the family, he hasn't built anything, he's lame, she regrets him and now she wants to get remarried to someone else.... and seeing other black women encouraging her through it all and not intervening....WT_? ... Guess I'm going SYSBM.
by Brother Truth Be Told February 23, 2020
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Known as: Save. Your. Self. Black. Men. A group of straight Black American males that have broken free from the chains created by The Black Gynocracy. Now the goal of SYSBM is simply just to save as many young black males as they can so they can be free and live happy lives.

So SYSBM encourages them to just get their money up, and date outside their race with non-black, and non-feminist women. Then integrate themselves into more organized and traditional cultures. Possibly even moving to a whole new country if they have too. So that they can truly have REAL freedom, and live their lives in peace. Thats all. They dont hate black women, and they dont hate white people, nor do they care what they do. SYSBM encourages for American white men, to be with black American women and make them happy. Because these women have been trained and programmed for generations by racist white people, to ONLY be in the interest of white men, and to destroy anything that the straight black men try to build at all costs. So sadly the American Black Woman is NOT the Black Man's woman anymore. They simply only love white men or only respect non-black men due to their slave programming. So the American Black Man is really on his own...
King watches his black father gets taken to the cleaners in divorce and child support court by his black mother. Then watches as his father struggles to get his life back together again. Unable to get a job because nobody wants to hire his father, and he ends up living on the streets. King see how sad and broken his father is.

King's mother says, "Black men aint shit."

King says, "Mama, Then Ima go SYSBM. So I dont end up like daddy."

Kings mother, "Boy, you gonna date outside your race? I thought you liked black girls?"

King says, "Sorry mama, but black girls are mean to me, and they dont like black men. Only Latina and white girls like me..."

Kings mother says, "Fine, go date out then..."

King says, "Thanks mama!"
by StraightBlackMenMatter July 24, 2020
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A group of Black men who blame women in their own race for everything bad that has happened to them and the world itself. You can mostly find this group worshiping non-black women and encouraging black men to get passports solely to travel to other countries. This group has even claimed they’re “going to create a new race and a new black community”. These men are deemed outcasts and overall pathetic by many.
Person 1: “What is SYSBM?”

Person 2: “Oh...just a group of incels dw.”
by idk5510 January 06, 2021
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A group of crybaby black men who, instead of fixing whatever thing happened to them in past relationships by talking to a therapist, would rather hide their inadequacy behind the facade of black women treating them incorrectly. They will excuse their need to date outside of their own race with sorry examples of black women in media being happy to express themselves, which points to the overall misogyny of the group, by saying that they only do it for the white male gaze. Put simply, a group insecure of their own masculinity and leadership skills to the point where they hate their own women. It's sad really...
Girl, SYSBM, Ha! Lets get into the tea.
by Growupa**hole April 20, 2020
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A bunch of odd balls on YouTube who hide behind avatars proclaiming that their saving themselves from black women and dysfunctional black communities by dating interracially or internationally.
"On YouTube, there a literally a group of guys calling themselves SYSBM who think all their problems in life will be fixed just by dating outside of their race."
by gregrice February 19, 2020
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