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M.O.B.= money over bitches
Swag = One's appearance, style ,or the way he/she presents his/herself.

Thus SWOB would refer the "Swag" that accompanies the M.O.B. mentality.

If one's motto was Money over Bitches, the philosophy denotes that a man who wants money and/or true power must always put money first and women second.

And when one truly embodies this, it is refered to as SWOB.
"Ay fam, how you livin'?"

"you know i be on that SWOB."


I'm not fuckin witchu hoes no' mo'! I'm SWOB bitch!
by FaZiLLaH March 24, 2013
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to hit someone on the back of the head
this must heart or it is not a swab
jack: bahdgahasbjgfds sahgfdui

me: shut up or i will swab you

jack: ..........
by Sam May 21, 2004
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