i) SUHAIL is an Arabic term meaning handsome, brilliant, noble, glorious, easy-going, and peaceful. It is commonly used as a male name and also refers to a number of stars:

It is a shortened version of the traditional names of two stars in the constellation Vela:

1, λ Velorum, Al Suhail al Wazn, "The Bright Star of the Weight" ('Suhail' in Celestia)

2, γ Velorum, Al Suhail al Muhlif ('Regor' in Celestia)

Suhail Hadar (سهيل هدار), "The Bright Star of the Ground", is another name for Naos in Puppis

The term has also sometimes been used in reference to CanopusCarinae), the second brightest star in the night sky

ii) The only person in the world with really good human qualities of which some are as follows:-

Loves art
Dresses up for the occasion
Slight perfectionist
Plans ahead
Attention to detail
Loves public service

He also likes the following:-

Intellectual conversations
Subtle colours, textures


Pressured decisions
Being rushed
He is a real SUHAIL in the dark times like this...

He is a SUHAIL indeed when I am in need.
by sam alter November 26, 2011
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A guy who is A okay but will be a very successful person on his way.

Will probably get a girlfriend and stick with her for the rest of his life.
A chill person to be around with but can be an undercover.
Muslim name for a smart, handsome boy
Suhail are u there yet? Very nice
by Rabscallion10 June 13, 2021
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That boy that would literally make your day.
He’s the type of guy to not post on his Instagram but he posts on story’s .
He’s also probably the most handsomest guy you will see in your whole life


Have u followed @suhailmzz


Then u can live on ur own

Wait.. mom
by That bitch☺️☺️ October 28, 2019
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Suhail is a very shy, quiet and well-mannered person. He is very outgoing once you meet him. But at first glance, very intimidating.

He may be very conceited about his looks and will always put himself first. He enjoys materialistic things.

Suhail is not the smartest, but surely acts like he is.

Overall, if you get to know him, he is a very soft and kind-hearted person and will be one of your best friends ever.
- “Oh my god, he is so shy. He’s such a Suhail.”
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Suhail = O G P
original gangsta paki
d badest azn around
dnt fuck wid him
yo dat pussy said sumfin 2 dat Suhail G n he bangd him out every1 knows not 2 mess wd him
by O G P January 2, 2005
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Suhail (Suh-ayl)

1)Suhail is someone that the blame is always on. His name is said bluntly without smiling, you have to act serious.

e.x :
"who broke the glass?"

2) used to substitute either a verb, noun, or adjective. suhail can be used for pretty much anything.

NOUN: "im going to sit on the suhail"

VERB: "im going suahiling, want to join?"

ADJECTIVE:" OMG i cant belecvie ashley, shes being a a real suhail these days!"
by bonjour3 June 30, 2009
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bqvhojreujlbkjhgl suhail jqif;hqjkl
by king of beauty October 3, 2018
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