straight up bad ass.

a close group of four people who party every night with resilience. they have each other's backs and they meet random groups of people infront of liquor stores and party with them til 5 a.m.
SUBA is legit mayne.
by VictoriaBayArea January 3, 2008
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Not quite bae, not quite average friend
When i told her that she was my subae she was kewl with it... seemzs like a legit friend.
by Thepotarianmagyar08 June 15, 2016
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the act of being told that you have juss been owned by a fat kid.
john, you have just been subaed!
by kmoss January 15, 2008
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Suba is Czech competitive player in Critical Ops. Currently the best Czech player :))))))))
Suba’s yt: Suba c ops
Suba c ops
by Nevím nic January 5, 2021
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the founder of
WOBURN C.I. student
by KING October 15, 2003
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Abreviaton for Short Unmuscular Bald Asian
by Suubbba April 13, 2013
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suba is the founder of He is also a student at Woburn C.I. He belongs to a group called C.O.W (cocks of woburn)
suba is a cow
by C.O.W KING June 14, 2003
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