the best town to live it. it has 2 dunkin donuts and mr. beefy's. we also have fastlanes. enough said.
where are you going on vacation? only to stow.
by stowite April 11, 2007
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A combination of the words Stop and Ow, called stow.
If another person is pinching you and you want them to stop, and at the same time it hurts like hell, you say stow. Pronounced Stuh-ow
by bimbaddaboom June 26, 2010
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Stow, ohio.

Town of complete normalcy, suburban norm, we have janitors and electricians, mailmen and butchers. every middle class perception.

and the females of 06' are considered supermodel status.

fluke? duno, but it's part of the towns history.
Stow ohio is where you want to raise bland children.
by nelska April 18, 2011
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possible the most boring place in ohio (not the U.S. because i have been to Fort Lauderdale in Flordia and holy fuck that was bad). there is absoultly nothing to do and the public school sucks a big one. The one miniputt place closed down and stow lacks a movie theater. the girls from stow also suck (not in a good way).
guy one "Dude the stow billies are flooding into my town again"
guy two "would you want to be staying in stow?"
by philly fakeout July 23, 2009
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a city where every one sucks. the most boring place i have ever seen. the kids an teenagers there are nothing but redneck wiggers who think they are the stuff an act tough but don't do anything but act tough an smoke weed an have no lives an hang out at the library for sumthing to do. its a little worse than cuyahoga falls but not by much an also all the girls are sluts and most of the sluts are fat
i went to stow an was bored outta my mind an wished wiggers would stop multiplying
by cfhsblacktigers2010 November 08, 2010
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