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Refers to the activity of eating and occurs when one is almost full or full but continues to eat, as in 'stowing your food away for later'.
"I'm stowing but I'll just manage another spoonful."
by Joanne Sahal January 2, 2006
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To calm down; to relax; to remain quite; to be humble. A derivative from the word "stowaway."
"You talk to much, you need to stow."
"I can't believe you said that, you need to stow"
"you are too quite, you need to stow up"
by Ahsikal Smada December 13, 2019
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the best town to live it. it has 2 dunkin donuts and mr. beefy's. we also have fastlanes. enough said.
where are you going on vacation? only to stow.
by stowite April 11, 2007
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Stow, ohio.

Town of complete normalcy, suburban norm, we have janitors and electricians, mailmen and butchers. every middle class perception.

and the females of 06' are considered supermodel status.

fluke? duno, but it's part of the towns history.
Stow ohio is where you want to raise bland children.
by nelska April 18, 2011
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A combination of the words Stop and Ow, called stow.
If another person is pinching you and you want them to stop, and at the same time it hurts like hell, you say stow. Pronounced Stuh-ow
by bimbaddaboom June 26, 2010
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Another word for the formally known "store".
Yo' nigga I is funna go to da stow to get some chicken.
by Eat My Rice August 14, 2009
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