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Sweet Tea Junkie - a person who loves and is addicted to sweet tea, and all that it stands for. Also could mean a buyer of STJ apparel, found at
You're drinking tea again?? You're a total STJ!
by Ouisa April 04, 2008
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Douchebags who go to STJ tend to spend most of their time... you guessed it, being D-bags. If one of these dumbass creatures attempt to get closer to you in the wild, shoot it fast. There are many types of D-bags that attend STJ. If you get near STJ alone, you should immediately exit the area or get a nuke and blow those fuckers the hell up. I HATE YOU STJ, FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU!!!! I HOPE A FUCKING SUICIDE BOMBER KILLS YOU ASSHOLES!!!
by Timothy Russom January 06, 2011
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A sweet tea junkie. It is also an apparel company ( with the same name, geared towards people (not just Southerners) who enjoy, and are possibly addicted to, sweet tea.
How many glasses of that have you had?? You're an STJ!"
by Florida Girl October 14, 2007
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the hot ass bad ass group of girls who are gods when it comes to sex! these's girls are very hot and yummy =
these are the girls your mother warned you about when you were a little boy.
"do you see those girls over there?"
"yeah those girls are STJ, best sex i have ever had."
"damn i got to tap that shit,STJ fo life nigga."
by stephanie =] March 06, 2008
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