You'r name is actually Esther and you're here from a TikTok trend to find out what it means
Sthe-The name Esther without the first and last letter from a TikTok trend
by TheCookieTheif June 5, 2020
I know ur here for the tiktok trend thing but it means to be a bad bitch not on can stop you mentally and physically be your bad bitch and for no one else
by princxssly._e April 25, 2021
A girl who is very beautiful and should be treated with respect but is sometimes
dumb and stupid.
She is such and sthe
by Didfkkddocofofo June 4, 2020
Dumb ass who just wants attention. Very useless and can't help the fact that their slow af
sthe are idiotic.
by Defining Sthe May 29, 2020
Sthe: a depressed young child who everyone hates

Probably lives their lives playing fortnite, eating and crying
That kid a a fucking sthe go die
by Yesimgoodddd May 30, 2020
STHE: a depressed fat pig who has no friends and plays fortnite

Around the age of a fucking 9 year old boy who can’t wipe his own ass.
by Yesimgoodddd May 30, 2020