A rather famous word uttered by the scientists in Half-Life when they are injured.
Me: accidentally shoots scientist
Scientist: STAHP
by DaDude001 December 7, 2019
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A way of saying stop, when you don’t actually want someone to stop
Person 1- you’re so beautiful
Person 2- oh stahp, you’re too kind
Person 1- ...
by Arnarity June 23, 2020
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Stahp is a term used commonly amongst internet users primarily on the thread website Reddit. Stahp is typically used to express exasperation of a subject and an insistence on stopping the conversation. Stahp comes from the phrase Stop That and Halt Please.
by Pinkykilla December 2, 2016
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In memes simply stop, usually meaning stop doing something horribly wrong.
Jesus while crucification:
Wat R U Doin?
by Krapik September 12, 2012
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A) very passive aggressive way to say "stop it".
Usually used when insulted in a stupid way.

B) phrase used after you see something very cute, funny, or cool.
Ron- "Where did you get that suit, the toilet store?"
Bob- "Stahp it, Ron."

Steph- "Look at this video of a cat meowing underwater."
Brooke "Stahp it, that is so funny."
by Brookiesweetheart March 8, 2013
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A comedic way to say stop. The word “stahp” is a combination between “stop that” and “halt please.” The term “stahp” is most commonly used on the internet, especially memes. It’s used with a slight sense of urgency and with a want of stopping something horrible or vulgar.
Hitler: Pass the juice
Nazi: He said gas the Jews
Hitler: Wait-
Other Nazi: Okay
Hitler: STAHP
by Retarded genius January 10, 2018
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