My home town fymmm!! This bitch ass place , hella ppl get killed n this city is js a ass place !! But I lovee stl u got 6flags n allat!! Like onb anyways fuck yall n yall lame ass city’s BITCHHH!
St. Louis is a major city in Missouri along the Mississippi River. Its iconic, 630-ft. Gateway Arch, built in the 1960s, honors the early 19th-century explorations of Lewis and Clark and America's westward expansion in general. Replica paddlewheelers ply the river, offering views of the arch. The Soulard district is home to barbecue restaurants and clubs playing blues music.
by Preettylikeee.l November 25, 2021
A rollercoaster, where the ups and downs happen :)
Welcome to Rye St Antony, a more realistic version of Disney Land.”
by Fizzyizzzy April 25, 2020
People are not very catholic I must say.
St. Joseph Catholic School....
by ARandomPerson98 January 29, 2021
St marks is the place where the nyc teens get their nic (puffbars, vapes, etc.) sometimes they can also get their cigs there too
Random person: yo do you want to go to st marks ?
by Árí August 17, 2020
A school that is full of fools and fights.
Based in Ireland
Did you hear what happened at st olivers
by I_ate_a_child September 16, 2021
Ah shitty ass boring school in Mississauga. The kids that go there are either a nerds or they are wannabe Toronto mans. The only good thing abt this school is that it’s next to Erin mills and it’s a dead mall.
St. Aloysius Gonzaga is shit
by December 13, 2022
Known for the funniest class ever in history (804). Funny popular kids. A bunch of clowns in 7/8. iPhone SE’s. THICCOLASSSSSSSS. A man who had a shit load of tik tok followers. Kids who did Washroom Wednesday. The people who go to St Matts in 2019 are having a great time at least for the 7-9.
St Matthew High School is the best school

Oh really?

by Biggest Jester August 29, 2019