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The original group of the best of friends formed in 2009 officially. This badass group includes Rabbit, Ghandi, Rhonda, & Pan. Long live the SS4.
"Dude, let's go get tabernacled with the SS4!"
by Ghandi1 August 04, 2009
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Noun. Slang for zombie. Made popular by Rob Zombie in his song on the Devils wing.
Man! That S.S.4 is making scary noises! Said the monster hunter
by B-rizzle December 14, 2018
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Term used to describe the 4th form of super-saiyan, a form which gives long blonde hair, a glowing aura and immense power.
"Goku beacame an SS4 - the fouth level of the super saiyan!"
by Ben December 07, 2003
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