Small penis enthousiasm.

When a guy can't give off BDE (big dick energy) cuz he's lacking the tool to do so, but he's still got that small penis enthousiasm about him that makes things exciting.
"Rick doesn't give off that BDE when he flirts, but he does have that SPE tho."

"Don't raise your voice at me like you got that BDE. You better lower your voice and show me some SPE."
by Clickbaitoohaha February 9, 2019
“Why are we stopping?”
Abe’s having an SPE, we’ve gotta find a bathroom.”
by opbb October 29, 2021
Abbreviation for Save Planet Earth. Planet earth is our only planet that has life on it. We need to work together to stop global warming, and protect our vital species.
by MLGPure December 23, 2019
Yo son look at that Spe he sucks at graffiti.
by Angelo Natoli January 14, 2007
Speaking From Personal Experience - SFPE
Speaking from Personal Experience - SPE
SFPE / SPE diagnosis is useful but the medicine not so much.

Clubbing was great and all but I’d rather go to a pub - SFPE/SPE
by TheiaShao March 14, 2019
A short form for "special contents"
That website provides some spe-con from that comic series.
by makkaugreen February 22, 2022